Curriculum Vitae

Below you can find my curriculum vitae as a text. A bit dull right? For a more visual overview of stuff I’ve did in the past you can visit my other website Here you can find a lot of pictures, videos and info about the activities written below.

07-12-1977 Heerenveen (NL)

1998-2000 Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam
1994-1998 CIBAP Zwolle

2023-now Abstract Rembrandt
2022-now Daily Digital Paintings
2016-now Founder and owner animation studio Animatie.Online

Exhibitions (selection)
2023 Amsterdam, Huis Vasari, Vrije Academie
2015 Jubbega, Kunsthuis Loof
2011 Leeuwarden, Fries Museum
2011 Tilburg, Argument, on-site installation 
2010 Heerenveen, Museum Willem van Haren
2009 Heerenveen, Art Heerenveen
2005 Drachten, Galerie De Lawei, duo

2024 Maastricht, Limburg Biënnale
2024 Broek in Waterland, art route
2016 Broek in Waterland, art route
2012 Amsterdam, IJburg Photo and Film Festival
2012 Dalfsen, Kunstroute Kunst om Dalfsen
2012 Weesp, open studio Het Domijn
2012 Roden, Mensinghe House 
2011 Leeuwarden, WTC Plaza
2008 Oranjewoud, Belvédère Museum, during the Museumnacht
2006 Groningen, Oosterpoort
2005 Sneek, Galerie Bas
2004 Leeuwarden, CBK
2003 Heerenveen, Museum Willem van Haren
2003 Leeuwarden, Romein Gallery

2012 Public artwork ‘The Transformation in Franeker
2011 Interactive basketball court Heerenveen
2010 Public artwork ‘Midden’ in Heerenveen
2010 Sketch assignment municipality of Weststellingwerf
1995-2016 Painted portraits of known and unknown people

Video, TV & Radio
2016-now Animator at Animation.Online
2015 Youtube content creator at the ParodyParrots
2015 Editor at TV channel ONS
2013 Jury member MUSE tv with Saskia Bak, Steven Sterk and Omrop Fryslân
2009-2013 Daily poet, Dit is de dag, EO radio1
2007-now Freelance video productions for companies and artists
2007-2012 Talent coach and jury member Sjong
2007 Frisian reporter Gotcha! Veronica tv
2006 Reporter for The Box
2006 Reporter for tv show De Wereld Draait Door
2006-2007 De Staat van Verwarring VPRO tv
2005-2006 Frisian correspondent for 6pack on SBS6 and MTV
2004-2008 Various reports and documentaries for Omrop Fryslân tv
2004/2008 Faktor Freed at Omrop Fryslân tv

2019 Creator of The Great Dutch Hip Hop Coloring Book
2013-2014 Coach for MUSE tips and tricks at the Fries Museum
1999-2017 Workshops songwriting/graffiti/rap/painting

Live shows (selection)
1995-2010 National tours to clubs and festivals with various bands as frontman/rapper. In addition, performances in Belgium, Germany, France, Suriname and Italy.
2008 Performance for Queen Beatrix in Franeker
2006 Audience Award at Grand Prix Finale of the Netherlands
2006 Theater Show Leeuwarden aan Zee
2005-2006 Theater tour Bob Dylan yn it Frysk
2004 Selected for band project Freesonica by Stichting Friesland Pop

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