"I am researching what 17th century abstract art could have looked like and I do so by rearranging brushstrokes of 17th century paintings with digital and analog materials." - Remon de Jong/NOMER

about the art

With the new artworks I am exploring brushstrokes and duality. Between old & new and digital & analogue.

The brushstrokes of Rembrandts Nightwatch form the basis of my new abstract artworks. By rearranging these, a new visual language is created. With each work I try to form a different composition, to get a glimpse of how abstract art could have looked like in the 17th century.

After two years of experimenting I came up with different types of compositions, appearances and finishes. Brushstrokes, Photoshop, coding, giclee prints, paint, dammar varnish, woodblocks, masonite, resin, aluminium and 17th century frames in one big mix.

Since years I have a big fascination for brushstrokes and I’ve added digital techniques to my analogue workflow. Scripts and coding are my tools to create real randomness and abstraction. I don’t use artificial intelligence.


Below you find a short animation about a part of the creation process of the Abstract Rembrandt series; capturing the brushstrokes.

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about the artist

NOMER (1977) is a pseudonym of Remon de Jong. I am a visual artist, animator and Dutch oldskool rapper, who started drawing cartoons, moved to graffiti and made series of paintings. In several Dutch cities you can find my sculptures and I have shown my work in musea and galeries. 

Lives and works in Broek in Waterland (NL). I was born and raised in Fryslân and I feel deeply connected to other Frisian artists and their works. Since I moved to the Amsterdam region in 2013 my art made a big transition in content and shape.

Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, CIBAP Zwolle.

Selection of exhibitions:
 Vrije Academie Amsterdam, Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Museum Belvédère Oranjewoud (Museumnacht), Museum Willem van Haren Heerenveen, Galerie De Lawei Drachten, Galerie Bas Sneek, Argument Vertoningsruimte Tilburg, Kunsthuis LOOF Jubbega, Exporuimte Oosterpoort Groningen,  Infirmerie CBK Leeuwarden.

“I started making artworks in 1995. Murals, paintings, instalations and public sculptures. Later I discovered video and created preformances and animations. My life in art has always been about experimenting and trying new artforms. I have a background in the hip hop culture, which has a strong DIY and sampling energy. This, and my love for intriguing wall objects, led me to develop the Abstract Rembrandt series. My most personal work to date. I see myself as an artist in the Frisian tradition, which is about stillness, the landscape and space. I mixed that with graffiti, coding and other digital techniques”

Shot by Tessa Posthuma de Boer


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