NOMER (1977) is a visual artist, animator and Dutch oldskool rapper, who started as a cartoonist, moved to streetart and made series of paintings. In several Dutch cities you can find his sculptures and he has shown his work in musea and galeries. 

Lives and works in Broek in Waterland (NL).

Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, CIBAP Zwolle.

Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Museum Belvédère Oranjewoud, Museum Willem van Haren Heerenveen, Galerie De Lawei Drachten, Galerie Bas Sneek, Argument Vertoningsruimte Tilburg, Kunsthuis LOOF Jubbega, Exporuimte Oosterpoort Groningen,  Infirmerie CBK Leeuwarden. Koetshuis Mensinghe Roden.

“I love abstract art. But I am filled with admiration when I am standing in front of the realistic paintings of the great Dutch masters. For long I was thinking about the question: What if Rembrandt was an abstract painter? The megapixel photo of The Night Watch, hard work and some coding answered the question.”- NOMER

Shot by Tessa Posthuma de Boer

“I started making art in 1995. Murals, paintings, instalations and public sculptures. Later I discovered video and created preformances and animations. People and their surroundings has always been a theme in my work.”



Nope, I don’t like Discord. So I try to avoid it as much as possible. If, for some reason, I open a Abstract Rembrandt Discord server, I will communicate it on my socials. So connect on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube or send me a message.

In Q4 2023 the Abstract Rembrandt artworks are available. In the mean while some other artworks become available as an NFT. For example the Daily Digital Paintings.

On a NFT marketplace. We are still in the proces of checking all the pro’s and cons of different marketplaces at the moment.

To buy an Abstract Rembrandt you need a crypto wallet, like Metamask for example. You also need the Ethereum crypto currency. On the Details page on this site is more info about the buying proces.

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