Remon de Jong / NOMER (Heerenveen 1977) is a visual artist, animator and Dutch oldschool rapper, who started drawing cartoons, moved to street art and made series of paintings. In several Dutch cities you can find his sculptures and he has shown his work in museums and galleries. He lives and works in Broek in Waterland, near Amsterdam. (NL). After a break of several years, in which he raised two kids, he restarted his art career with a big solo show in Amsterdam.

“After all the different artforms I’ve worked in and after reinventing myself over and over I found my grounds in creating abstract art. I’ve been interested in the role of the brushstroke in painting for years and am constantly researching new techniques. My new work arose from that combination.”


Over the past two years Remon examined thousands of Rembrandts brushstrokes and wondered: What would happen if you digitized, sampled and remixed them – the way he used to make hip hop? Remon is intrigued by the constant dialogue between the old and the new, and he uses 17th-century and 21st-century techniques to create completely new works of art with Rembrandts brushstrokes.

 “My art has its origins in the Frisian tranquil art. There I came into contact, at an early age, with the works of other Frisian artists, such as Robert Zandvliet, Jan Snijder and Sjoerd de Vries. When I moved west, I saw the paintings of the old masters more often. This inspired me to combine those two worlds. My new work represents the location where I live in a special way.”

The abstract wall objects that Remon creates are a mixture of software, coding, old varnishes and 17th-century frames. They try to find the answer to the question: What would 17th century abstract art look like?

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